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    Pre-Marital Counseling

    You want it to last forever.

    This is a special and exciting time.

    You have decided to share the rest of your lives together.

    You want this to be your only marriage, one that lasts forever.

    That’s why at this moment you’re here, reading this page.

    You want to do everything you can to prepare for a connected, loving, and secure marriage.

    Embrace Strength – Seek Growth

    The results of an online assessment will paint a picture of your relationship.

    We will acknowledge and celebrate the strengths in your relationship

    and identify areas for growth.

    Premarital Counseling provides a safe and objective space for you to explore those growth areas in greater depth.

    In that safe space of exploration, you will gain valuable insight into your future spouse.

    Build skills and create a solid foundation.

    Contrary to popular belief, a strong and successful marriage is not built by learning the best communication techniques or solving all your disagreements.

    In fact, just like building a house, you must start with a solid foundation of friendship. You must build upon that foundation walls of trust of and commitment. Then, you must fill the house with intentional actions of affirmation, acceptance, influence, and conflict management. You must build a Sound Relationship House (Gottman).

    Together we will explore Gottman’s principles for making marriage work and what it takes build a sound relationship.

    Gains through counseling

    Through premarital counseling, you will grain greater understanding and compassion, deeper intimacy, and a sincere appreciation for each other. You will know and understand the components of the Sound Relationship House (Gottman) and you will gain mastery of the principles that build and maintain a rich, fulfilling and loving marriage.

    Start Building your Foundation for the Future Today!