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    Relationship Coaching

    Marriage or relationship counseling identifies relationship issues as coming mainly from the wounds and damage that each individual carries from their past and how it has impacted the relationship. Marriage/Relationship counseling works to uncover and heal those wounds thus healing and improving the overall dynamic of the relationship.

    Relationship Coaching is Different

    Coaching shifts the focus from the past to the present and the future. Coaching is useful for addressing stressful issues that are currently impacting an otherwise healthy relationship – like communication, trust, parenting, finances, and work.

    This approach works well for couples who are not struggling with significant issues like current or past traumas, infidelity, addictive behaviors, past childhood abuse or mental health diagnoses. These couples are looking to improve their existing day to day connection and intimacy.

    Old patterns and unhealthy ways of coping will still be identified, but the major work is in finding ways of overcoming current barriers and obstacles to closeness and intimacy.

    Coaching is a targeted, action oriented, strengths and solution based approach that will help you find solutions to things that are holding you back from living their best couple life.